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WakingTimes – Alex Pietrowski – Corporate Propaganda – Fox News Sells Fracking As ‘Incredibly Good For Our Environment” – 17 September 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1“Nature doesn’t give us a clean environment.” 

Recently on Fox News, Alex Epstein, the founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, and author of the book, Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet, argues in favor of hydraulic gas fracturing, or fracking, as it has become known. This is the technique of extracting natural gas and oil from layers of underground shale rock by pressure-injecting an undisclosed mixture of water and chemicals deep into the ground. Continue reading


ActivistPost – Alex Pietrowski – Casulaties Of Debt: Selling America’s Students To The Banks – 21 March 2013

Flickr-Debt-Andres-Rueda-300x225In today’s America, debt is a regular part of life. It drives our economy and enables our culture. Due to the expense of higher education, rising cost of living, consumerism, and the ongoing dollar crisis, it is becoming evermore difficult to live in the United States without accruing considerable personal debt. Especially so for college students. Continue reading

Activist Post – Alex Pietrowski – Down Our Throats – How Corporate Influence And Publice Policy Conspire To Keep Us Unhealthy – 1 December 2012

Coke-Times-Square-300x130Food Processors Want to Keep Us Snacking – Can Public Policy Help?

No one can question the fact that the condition of public health in the United States has reached a critical point, and that much of this health catastrophe can be blamed on poor eating habits. Continue reading