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Lisa Gawlas – Allowing For Changes – 17 August 2014

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I have decided, I better really watch what I say and how I say it.  I have been calling this moon, the 2nd super moon in a 3 month period, the creamy middle.  Well, knowing the universe hears us literally (and yet they speak in metaphors and symbolisms, go figure) the turned me from a solid into something that could resemble paste.  Upper chest congestion, sinus congestion, watery eyes, blocked ears and not only did all this affect my vocal chords, for the past 5 days, it completely froze them up.  I had zero audibility, no rasp, no horse, just no sound period and I had to dig deep within my lungs to produce a whisper.  I have spent the last two weeks cough at the moon all night and sleeping the better part of the day.  For the first week and a half, I didn’t complain much since I was still able to vividly see and understand all that was happening inside of me.  But the last 3-4 days I was completely in the unplugged zone, which really let the “i feel sorry for myself” emotions come up to the surface and poke at me.  At least my team didn’t have me wallowing there.  Each time a sad emotion came up, they threw me lines from our past.  For example, I realized I have once again traded off being with my kids and grandson for yet another upgrade.  Its been since January since I last seen them and I had plans on going the beginning of next month, that is until I went into the garage again!  I wasn’t so much complaining as I was just feeling really sad about another month going by and not seeing my grandson.  Every time that sadness came up (it only lasted one day) my team echoed words from the past: Continue reading