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American Kabuki – Update On The Upcoming Trip To Morocco – 17 october 2013

By American Kabuki (Bill)

Just an update on the Morocco trip, my traveling friend has been delayed so I’ve decided that his time lines are probably not going to coincide with mine.    He’ll probably come along later once he gets his projects finished. I know he wants to meet Heather.  He has obligations he can’t get out of right now that prevent him from traveling.  So time for me to move forward with what I need to get done.  I am going to attempt to raise some funds for the $1500 airfare I need to get there on my own.  I know he’d buy it if he could go, but he can’t right now. Continue reading


American Kabuki – John Kerry Admits WTC7 Building Was Brought Down By Controlled Demolition – 29 September 2013

Uploaded on 25 September 2013 by WakeUpCallPage John Kerry admits WTC7 building was brought down by controlled demolition

American Kabuki – Updated Version : Adventure And Healing In Morocco – 28 June 2013

By American Kabuki

(note this post will probably be expanded upon over the next few days)

Heather had invited me and D to come to Morocco for a visit in February. Air travel and lodging pre-paid. She said she wanted to return the energy in kind for the effort we had given to publish the OPPT articles.  We didn’t really say much about the trip, as it hadn’t been finalized, and it eventually grew to quite a few more people.  We didn’t announce the trip or when were going lest the publicity complicate the travel of so many people traveling at once to Tangier.  And when the word did get out, Ben Fulford and Neil Keenan came up with some bizarre Indiana Jones story that we had fled to Ethiopia from CIA assassins and were looking for the Ark of the Covenant.  But what the heck, their fiction was a good laugh when read about it from Tangier. Continue reading

American Kabuki – [OPPT : Your Ticket To BE] “Happy Beginnings” – 1 March 2013

[OPPT: Your Ticket to BE] “Happy Beginnings”

Just an example of some incredible DO’ing by one of our OPPT Ground Crew
— Andrew Forbes Smith


In Absolute Gratitude Andrew,

~ Brian

www.americankabi.blogspot.nl /link to article Continue reading

American Kabuki – Brian Kelly – The Public Trust 1776 Resurrection Of Forgotten Principles – 28 February 2013

Uploaded on 25 February 2013 by HopeGirl587 Continue reading

American Kabuki – A Message From Heather : Almost Every Loan, If Not Every Loan Is Fraud… No Loan Was Made – 26 February 2013

Brian-KellyAlmost Every Loan, If Not Every Loan is Fraud…No Loan Was Made

Heather shared this message in a Skype chat, and I thought it was well worth sharing. I asked for permission (just like we did with the Poof interview lol) and here was her response:

Heather: Sure…go for it…just post also with data that loan and debt are two different concepts, legally, lawfully, factually and as a matter of public policy. Continue reading

American Kabuki – In The Money : OPPT Makes Plea To The Swedish Government – 24 February 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2(Lucas : As I already have posted the open letter to the prime minister of Sweden I will not post the whole story here again, but the Guardian Express is reporting also ongoing on the OPPT.

Here are the links to the stories at American Kabuki: Continue reading

American Kabuki – The Odd Little Keshe Contract… – 25 January 2013

KesheFoundationWe noticed something a bit ODD with the Keshe World Peace Treaty contract…  Its a SOUL contract… and the contract doesn’t stipulate just WHOM Keshe represents.  WHO are his handlers? Who does he speak for?  Who’s higher on the FOOD chain?

Manhattan was sold for a few beads and trinkets.  And what’s technology when compared to your soul? Corporations don’t have soulsneither do governments… so who is this aimed at?  Don’t you just hate fine print? Continue reading

American Kabuki – 1914 Federal Reserve $10 Note Was Printed On Hemp Paper – 22 January 2013

10-Dollar-Bill-HempI don’t really have a horse in this race, but reader Les sent this along and I found it interesting…

HEMP IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY, highlighted a 1914 series $10 bill of a hemp harvest, and it is discussed in the video attached. Continue reading

American Kabuki – Disclosure : Ending The Truth Embargo – 16 January 2013

Ending-The-Truth-EMBARGOReposted from: http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2013/01/breaking-news-very-urgent-please-share.html

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

( BREAKING NEWS)) Very Urgent Please Share Widely Continue reading