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Linda Dillon And Steve Beckow – An Hour With An Angel – Jesus – 10 January 2012

Show hosted and article  by Graham Dewyea includes link to radio archive look up tuesday 10th Jan. 2012.

Tonight on An Hour with an Angel, Jesus made some startling revelations, perhaps the most interesting of which was the acknowledgement that he did marry Mary Magdalene, had a daughter Sarah who journeyed to the South of France after his departure from this plane, and that Sarah was indeed what is known as the “Holy Grail.” Continue reading

Linda Dillon & Steve Beckow – An Hour With An Angel -Blogtalkradio via Graham Dewyea – 3 January 2012

Below is a summary of the January 2, 2012 show An Hour with an Angel along with the link to listen to the show, as well as previous shows.

Linda Dillon talked about her 30 years experience channeling and her process.


Archangel Michael tells us our efforts to anchor peace in nations, communities and within ourselves are going forward and that we are doing well.  We are pivotal in this work. He describes it as a partnership with the Angelic realm and our galactic brothers and sisters. He thanks us for sending light to those involved with NESARA and Disclosure and encouraged us to continue. Continue reading

Linda Dillon – Archangel Michael – An Hour With An Angel – Radio Show Summary and Audio – 13 December 2011

Below is the audio archive for the first show of An Hour With An Angel, which airs every Monday, 9pm EST on Blogtalkradio:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/an-hour-with-an-angel/2011/12/13/an-hour-with-an-angel Continue reading