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John Ward – Britain To Replace Washouts With Washins, And Include Paid-For Paedophilia In GDP Calculations – 31 May 2014

JohnWBecause so much of the English summer weather so far has been a washout, in order to save taxpayers any further pain, in future there will be no washouts, only washins. Hard-pressed, hard-working families will be able to bale out their own cellars without being bothered by any interfering government agencies – busybodies who simply cost taxpayers more money during washouts. Washins will by contrast be tax-free, and payable only by wicked property investors masquerading as “homeowners” ha-ha tell us another one do.

However, free blow-up dolls of Nigel Farage that bob jauntily in the water will be available to cheer up those faced only by a lake outside, courtesy of Brussels….and, um, UKip, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats, and the Labour Party – almost all of whom either didn’t to turn up to vote, or voted in favour of flooding Somerset Levels, in the European Assembly. Continue reading