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Cobra – Portal 2012 – Fall Of The Reptilian Empire, And My Discernment – 9 September 2012

(Lucas : To Discern on the writings of cobra  on his conferences  ((and now the fear spreading and commanding things to do  or not to in this message))  is what I recommended you to do. I am not so sure I will post Cobra anymore.  I have seen Greg Giles messages go into negativity and even calling for violent uproar as he also was trying to blame others (negative entities) for writing his own messages  as he needed to correct it. Taking responsibility and being honest is difficult it seems, and being upright in what your intentions are is what is in so many ways in articles and channelings and by self-proclaimed leaders  now very questionable. For lots it is difficult in their vulnerability to make out what is for them right or wrong and their truth. Continue reading