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The Stars and Comets distractions – Manifest your Light and Love – Lucas

We have seen in the fully blown up stories about Elenin and also Niburu and other celestial events in de media hyped that they have not come true. What came true was the notion that what was told not to fear and this being fear mongering.  Yes, those who said the world would be  ending and the world would be destroyed did not see it manifest. It will never happen.

The One who created all has unconditional love for all its creation. With our mother Earth we will be going the path that God and thus ourselves as part of the One have been told, the way of the light and love. We are here to ascend to our next new level the fifth dimension. All distractions will be fading away as the knowing and confidence in what is to come grows stronger and stronger. More and more the truth of the miscommunications and disinformation brought to us will be sieved out of the real truth. We will see that the  ever-growing love and light will overcome our duality in whole  soon.

The events following each other are going so fast that we will be overwhelmed. Even sometimes not knowing what happened. In a positive sense that is meant here. Yes, we will see the heavenly truth develop. Not the truth of separation, having power,  having control, enslavement, have no free will and choice that is what the dark parts of our duality experience have been programing us with. We fully awaken and become that again what we always have been: Lightbeings.  We chose that experience in our earth life times. We wanted to experience this cycle of duality in full.  Now the time has come that this cycle ends and God’s decree to return to our full lightbeing state again will be honoured.  Mother Earth will be leading us in this return. Yes, she is as all things a living being if you didn’t know already. Earth was our mother who fed us, helped us even if we poisoned her and exploited her. She gave us the base and made it possible  to experience our lives here.

Be prepared for a grand new begin and know all distractions in the news are just a blip in time. Time that will be none existing in our 5th dimensional life.  We will be seeing the crystals sing  in the Crystal Cities of Light as we return to see our family and our Agarthian family. For now I thank our Creator and ask to let love and light to be brought to us to manifest all for the greater good for all.  Let us manifest our own Light and Love for ever more.

Love and Light,



And the show goes on! Changes have to take place. Do the right thing.

In reading the latest news of the day of 18th august 2011 I see a lot that is making my warning bells tick. Cameron shouting for harder sentencing by the courts in the riot cases.  Also the misconduct case of the MET Police in the case of the News of the World scandal ends with clearing all officers in the case.

The real message of this all is what is behind all this news. It’s a show that has been going on.UKs hope for doing the right thing is gone. I do not see a new policy in the making and debate opened about the reasons behind the riots, nor is there any real urge to make the Murdoch scandal a clean up of more things that are wrong and people have to put up with.

No, only control issues are addressed. Keeping the people in check is the only thing happening.  The hidden agendas of the few in power still are merely shown. A debt crisis that can’t  be solved with any measures is not enough for a new way of thinking.

Changes need to be made in favour of freedom. No more controlling people. Prosperity for all and not the few is needed. A redistribution of all. A new money system without al the speculation and making money on lending and other services is needed.

We have to see that there is enough for everybody on this planet. Food, (Natural) Medicine, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Free-Energy, etc. We have to stop making money and monopolise everything. Sharing will be the new key to unlock. No more Egotistical  thinking of making profit on profit and enrichment over the death bodies of others. Profit does not equal Prosperity for all in this World. No more patenting and octroi in place. Knowledge and developments need to be open source, shared and freely available for all.

But I will stop here in mentioning  a long list of things we can change to make the world really a better World and Earth for all and keeping a balance that our Earth can sustain. Let us see if that what is wrong can’t  be ment.  If it can’t be ment its broke and you have to make new things. That is also true for great philosophers and ideas as we evolve  you need to change thinking. The facts and developments show it. I just say to the people in power of this World: “Do the right thing, NOW!

Love and Light,


Dutch Sinse Under Attack | The 2012 Scenario

Dutch Sinse Under Attack | The 2012 Scenario.

Via 2o12IndyInfo.wordpress.com


Inelia Benz’s Fear Processing Exercise and the Design of Life | The 2012 Scenario



Inelia Benz’s Fear Processing Exercise and the Design of Life | The 2012 Scenario. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com