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Andrea Sartori – The Raising Of The Phoenix Is Now – 21 June 2012

(Commander Randy seemed to like the post so much he didn’t bother to credit the person who wrote it and did as if he wrote it. The article was written by Andrea Sartori From The Galactic Free Press. I reposted it as from Commander Randy wrongly till I got informed that this was not the true author.)

It’s over!

The nightmare, the dream… is crumbling Now and the Light Phoenix in each and every=One is now free to raise again!

Thank you! Thank you to All.

You’ve kept the Light, you’ve kept the Vision, you’ve kept the Truth. Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – ‪ The Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Yes! Are We Really Here? – 9 May 2012

Greetings Love Beings,

Thanks to our GLR and First Contact ground Crew Team Member Lucas for finding some of these great videos! Especially the first one!

Isn’t it wonderful working all together?

YEEHAWWW….! Continue reading

Andrea Sartori – The Galactic Free Press – Heaven Has Only One Floor – 8 May 2012

We’re not up there, we’re not down here, we’re everywhere.

For millenina icons have been made of all that came to say “You are Love, you are God, what I can do, you can do.” Thus, these same icons have been put somewhere “up there”, and have become something to look up at, and the Real Message forgotten. Continue reading