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Lucas And Andrea – Unity In Oneness : Lightworkers Make A Pledge To Love and Join Together In Action – 13 November 2012


Lightworkers, dreamers, spiritual activists, luminaries, heart-workers, philanthropists and humanitarians join together and make a pledge to being love in action Continue reading

Andrea – I Wish – 10 November 2012

I was able to Show You… to help You Feel… I wish I could always Be that hammer that takes down the walls of illusion that prevents you from Seeing the Real You, the Light You Are, the amazing Gifts You hide, ready to Be Shared with all in Your particular Way… Continue reading

Andrea – This Is A Human Heart – 26 October 2012

Can you tell if it’s from a US citizen? Or maybe from a Chinese or Spanish one?

Can you say if this Heart is in a Republican, Democrat, Green, Liberal body?

Is it a woman or a man? Maybe a child?

A piest or a pilot?

Or maybe it’s yours?

Is it already Free to BE or is it still veiled by illusion? Continue reading

Andrea – Humanity… Get Off Your Knees And Get Love On Fire – 25 October 2012

Hmmm… thinks start getting hot on Planet Earth. As they were supposed to. As it has been foreseen, told and shared by every prophecy, spiritual Being, Human Being, tale, Message. EveryOne has been prepared for this Moment of Now. Though Now it seems few are truly Ready for the Moment. Continue reading

Andrea – Listen To Your Heart – 15 October 2012

Listen to your heart.
If I had a dime for every time I heard the above quote, I would be a rich man by now. Not that I care about monetary possessions, however the reason I bring this up, it is because I didn’t know what that phrase really meant, so I went on my way through life, ignorant of its meaning.  It was not until late last year that I began experiencing “the call of the heart”.  Continue reading