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TheAustralian – Andrew Forrest Welfare Proposal Ambitious And Brave: PM – 31 July 2014

The Australian

(Lucas: Mr. Huxley would be proud of such proposal of nanny state and control over humans. Control via all that you need or eat and drink…. as you have no choice or say in it anymore. The proposal shows how far off the ones still thinking to be custodians and controllers of humanity are! Humans are waking up and will not tollerate the crap and control anymore. The new paradigm is not about control or gain for the self,  it is about caring and sharing as well as creating and unleashing the full potential of creation to benefit all humans and the planet. We have abundance and need to make it available and (re)distribute it to all humans on this planet!)

By Patricia Karvelas, Jared Owens

TONY Abbott says some elements of mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s radical proposal to increase income management are ahead of public opinion, as he described it as a “bold, ambitious and brave report”.

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