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Jon Rappoport – Surveillance, Vaccines, Androids, Snowden, Control Systems – 13 August 2013


Every political system, when applied, wears out, because the people using the system make it more and more mechanical, less and less conscious.

The Constitution was a noble attempt to explicitly limit systems by eroding the power of centralized authority. That document was mainly about enforcing less structure. Its brilliance, naturally, has been lost on government. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Using Fake Names On Facebook, Surveillance State, Androids – 24 July 2013

no more fake new Jon Rappoport

File this one in the ever-burgeoning category of: how insane can legislators get?

Congress is now debating an update to the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Turns out it’s already a misdemeanor to “exceed authorized use” of a computer, but the DOJ wants to make it a felony. Continue reading