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Andy Bojarski – My Higher Self: Accessing The Love Energy In The Metatron Cube – 13 November 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureThe energy of love is located in the heart of the Metatron Cube held within Hollow Earth.  All the beautiful beings of Mu hold the love energy that is located within Hollow Earth.  It is also within Hollow Earth where the Divine blue print is held for Mother Earth.  Mu was a civilization that existed before Lemuria. Continue reading

Andy Bojarski – Saint Germain – Part 2 – What You Need To Do To Teleport – 13 October 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureHi everyone, here is the second part of the channeling with Saint Germain.  Click HERE to view the first part of the channeling.  Sending all of you love and many blessings…Andy

“…Only the purest hearts that are filled with nothing but deep love for all beings and Self will teleport. Teleporting comes from the heart, your precious, love filled heart.  Continue reading

Andy Bojarski – Saint Germain – How Teleportation Will Change Your World – 11 October 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureHello everyone, this is Andy Bojarski.  I normally only channel my Higher Self.  However, I was asked by Saint Germain (who’s energy came in very strongly) to give this message regarding teleportation that is coming soon to Mother Earth.

He stressed the importance of this message and asked that I share it on our website with all of you…There is a second part that I will post tomorrow or the next day as I do not want to have a post that is too long so I am breaking it up into two posts. Continue reading

Andy Bojarski – My Situation and Equinox Energies… – 25 September 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureSorry if the audio is not very strong.  Forgot to turn up the volume higher when I recorded.  Hope you all can hear…Sending all of you my love and many blessings… Continue reading

Andy Bojarski – My Higher Self: How To Heal All Relationships – 13 September 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureThank you to Lakshmi Bhatia and Master Sai Baba for their insight to this posting.
Everything in this Universe is nothing but electromagnetics.  Your heart is electromagnetic, your heart beat is electromagnetic, your prayers are electromagnetic, your emotions and your thoughts are all electromagnetic, and everything is an electromagnetic frequency. Continue reading

Andy Bojarski – My Conscious Time Travel Experience Last Night – Wow – 8 September 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureHello everyone.  I wanted to share with you what happened to me last night.  It was really amazing.  I actually time travelled in my conscious state.  So here is what happened.
I was asleep in my bedroom (we will call this bedroom #1 – you will see later why this is important) at night and all of a sudden I am awoken by a loud knock (4 knocks to be exact), like someone is knocking on the door.  But there was nobody at the door as our door is downstairs and far away from the bedroom.
This knock was very loud and in my ear and woke me right up.  I smiled and said “Who is it?”  HAHA.  As I am now full awake, pondering and tuning into this knock, my 9-year-old son, about 15 minutes later, starts to come into my bedroom from his bedroom as he could not sleep.  So he is lying next to me and he becomes really restless. Continue reading

Andy Bojarski – My Higher Self: How To Master The Toughest Relationships – 1 September 2013

AndyBojarski-my-latest-aura-pictureThank you to my beautiful friends Lakshmi Bhatia and Master Sai Baba for co-creating and inspiring me to write this posting. This so resonated with me and has helped me completely understand all of my relationships and has given me internal peace. I hope it helps all of you. I am sending all of you my love and many blessings… Continue reading