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WakingTimes – Andy Dilks – Reconciling The Paranormal With Mainstream Scientific Thinking – 21 May 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Ever since the emergence of the study of the paranormal it has had a tentative at best relationship with mainstream science – by definition the study of phenomena outside the orbit of scientific explanation, the study of the paranormal has been largely rejected by the scientific community – after all, they are experiences which lie at odds with the rational and empirical approach through which science defines itself. The presence of a large number of charlatans and frauds – particularly during its early Victorian years – certainly didn’t help matters, and their continuing presence to this day serves to add fuel to the fires of rational skepticism.

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WakingTimes – Andy Dilks – The Psychopathology Of Police Violence – 13 May 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1In a recent article for Waking Times, Julian Wash suggested that the psychopaths running the show might as well be inhuman, discussing the apparent consensus opinion that violence and war is something inherent to the human condition – it is a consensus pushed primarily by those who profit from such aggression, not the population in general. If you consider the fact that the police is the enforcement arm of the State, their increasingly out of control violent behavior towards innocent members of the public can only serve to reinforce the view that this psychopathic tendency trickles down from the top of the hierarchy and permeates throughout the system.
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WakingTimes – Andy Dilks – Child Prodigies And The Assault On Creativity – 8 May 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1When you think of a child prodigy, you usually think of an exceptional young talent which has been recognised in a person’s early life and nurtured by those around them, who encourage their latent abilities to blossom and grow. Mozart, of course, springs immediately to mind – a rare and gifted talent in music who, on account of the culture and environment in which he was weaned, was able to develop into one of the greatest composers of all time. And while it could be said that such an upbringing was overbearing and destroyed any chance of young Mozart leading a “normal” life, without it, it is highly unlikely that his incredible potential would have been fully realized.

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WakingTimes – Andy Dilks – Art And The Transformative Vision – 19 August 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1It’s hard not to look at the contemporary art market and see it as superficial and transitory – much of it comes across as the self-indulgent product of egotism; self-conscious attempts at irony that degenerate into meaningless banalities; a smug postmodern sensibility obsessed with its own cleverness without saying anything insightful. “Art” – however debased and misapplied the word has become in today’s materialistic world – is no longer interested in offering a transcendent vision of something innate and timeless. Instead, at best it serves as a loud, demanding punctuation mark, as immediate as the latest Google trends – a reflection of the short-term memory of the digital age more concerned with what is “in” than what is “within”. Continue reading