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John Ward – Anecdotage – 19 March 2015

littlerichardLittle Richard kick-starting his piano, 1958

I think it is safe to say that Rock n Roll is sixty years old this year. In reality, it’s older than that – but I’m talking in terms of the musical use of the term being translated into mainstream ‘hit records’ as we used to say in days of yore: during those years before tapes, mainstream disc albums, tape cassettes, album videos, compact discs, spelling disc ‘disk’, downloads, Itunes, clouds and all the other virtual stuff.

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John Ward – Anecdotage – 11 October 2014

JohnWDo people really know what Northern Soul was like?

You have to worry more than a little bit when your heyday becomes the subject of a movie (and Wikipedia) but the pre-publicity seems to be wrong. However, that is and always has been the nature of the media.

I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t comment, but the Wikipedia entry on Northern Soul is all over the place. For one thing, it’s at least five years out in placing the Mod scene in Manchester in “the late 1960s”: and of course, none of us called the film’s featured music Northern Soul: it was Tamla Motown. Continue reading