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Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Spiritual Growth – 29 September 2012

 You have the opportunity to embark great change.

New growth, psychic and spiritual experiences change the way you look at the world and yourself. As you evolve, allow your spiritual gifts to open. Share these gifts with the world. Invoke your angels and know that you are protected at all times, from all harm. Relax and enjoy the ride. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Love, Love Unconditionally – 6 July 2012

This means to love without conditions. To just love someone regardless. Unconditional love is what all the great masters achieved while in physical form. If you want to increase the love you receive, open your heart and give more love to the world and also to yourself. By giving love, you naturally attract that energy stream back to you. It is perfectly safe to open your heart and love. It is the most powerful  force in the Universe. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Balance Restored Resolutions Are Now Available – 20 June 2012

It is time to get moving and be inspired as the energy of balance and harmony are coming your way. Take a deep breath and trust that resolutions are at hand. If you are not feeling it already, you soon will feel some lightening in the energy around you. We want you to keep moving forward at a nice even and steady pace so that you will feel more grounded and peaceful along the way. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Change – 18 June 2012

This is a time of discovery, change and adjustments

Take care of yourself as you are metamorphosing through the current changes that are taking place right now. This is a time of momentous change and sometimes it takes great courage to see yourself through to a new day. But find a new day you will. Release any troubling thoughts or worries to your angels and trust that it is all as it should be for the highest good of all. This also includes you and what is best for you is best for humankind. Continue reading

Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Life Is An Adventure – 8 June 2012

Be ready for the unexpected and make the most of all opportunities. Do things differently and approach life with a sense of wonder and joy, like when you were a small child and everything seemed new and magnificent. Let the journey of your life be filled with joyful moments. Let yourself feel safe, happy, strong and clear, for that is a most important priority. Ask your angels to help you and we can heal and guide your way.   Continue reading