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Anna Merkaba – Arcturians – The Phase Of Telekinesis – Your “Super Human Powers” Exposed – 15 August 2014

Uploaded on 14 August 2014 by Anna Merkaba
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Anna Merkaba – Urgent – Abundance Portal – Next 3 Days – Pleiades – 9/21 – 9/25 – 22 September 2013

annamerkabaAs the universal energy of the spherical ball of fire is spanned in the direction of your sun, so too does the supporting angle of the thirty seventh parallel unfold on your planet earth at moment’s notice. The thirty seventh parallel of your hours on the planet earth is the parallel of self discovery and innovative ideas, the thirty seventh parallel is the gate to fruition  abundance and inner knowledge.

The 37th parallel can be accessed physically by traveling to a spot on earth that sits above this energy meridian of your planet. It can be accessed by the crystalline grid laid out on your earthly map with the crystal gems tones of Aventurine, Goethite, Himalayan crystal and Blue Agate, in a formation of the triangular sphere of life.

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Anna Merkaba – Sept 18 – 24 – Purification Process – Pleiades – 17 September 2013

annamerkabaDearly beloved children of the light. As we have said to you many times prior, there are major energetic changes indeed moving closer and closer to your GAIA, the event is inevitable, yet most do not comprehend with the human mind what this event that we are all referring to is, and so, let us briefly explain to you its importance and what is about to sweep through your planet. Continue reading