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DerSpiegel – Annett Meiritz and Severin Weiland – Right-Wing Surprise: Anti-Euro Party Surges Before Election – 6 September 2013

spiegelonlineA recent poll shows Germany’s anti-euro Alternative for Germany party closing in on a place in parliament. This could cause a huge upset for the established parties — and dramatically alter the German political landscape

At first glance, the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) campaign ad seems about as threatening as a commercial for the local optician. It features outraged, but pleasant-seeming citizens — a father and his daughter, a newspaper-reading businesswoman and a cyclist — looking thoughful while asking questions. “Why is all our money going to Greece, instead of being invested in damaged streets and bridges?”, one person asks. “Why are pensioners left with an ever-smaller amount of money in their wallets? Who is paying for the debt that our politicians are accruing?”, asks another.

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