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John Ward – The Paedofile : Gove Gives Green Light For Kiddy-Porn Teacher To Continue, Ovenden Gets Suspended Sentence, Another Octogenerian Arrested By Yewtree – 5 June 2013

John WardConspiracy theory? What conspiracy theory?

From the Needleblog this afternoon. Unbelievable

The Blind Eye: Proffered by Education Secretary Michael Gove: ‘Geoffrey Bettley, an RE teacher from a Catholic School in West Yorkshire, who had almost 200 indecent images of children on his computer is allowed to continue to teach, the Education Secretary has decided. Michael Gove said “I have considered this case and the need to be proportionate and also to act in the public interest … Although the findings in this case are serious ones, I support the recommendation of the panel that a prohibition order should not be applied in this case.”’ Continue reading