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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Answer – 2 February 2012

You are an expert on the seeking of love. Indeed, you may have been a beggar of love. You have paid a lot of attention to your need of love, yet love is not something to be begged for. You don’t want to be good at begging for love.

The thing to do with love is to give it. There is no other recourse but for you to give love.

If you have been a beggar for love, holding your heart out for even a tiny squeeze of love, stop that now. Giving love is always the answer. If you are hungry for love, the cure is to give your love away. Spend your love. It does not belong to you anyway. Love is for you to give.

If you feel you are needing love, that is a sure sign to give love. When you put your finger on a hot stove, you know to take your finger off the hot stove. When you are yearning for love, take your love out and give it. You are the maker of love. You are the fulfiller of it. Continue reading