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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Woman Shot By Capitol Police After Ramming Barricades Was On Psychiatric Drugs, Antidepressants – 5 October 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) After shooting and killing a young woman who tried to ram the barricades of the U.S. capitol yesterday, police and FBI conducted a search of her home in the hopes of finding “anti-government” material there. What they found instead were bottles of medications: antidepressants and schizophrenia drugs.

The woman, it turns out, was not a suicide bomber but a mental patient. She has been identified by law enforcement sources as Miriam Carey, and she had a one-year-old child with her in the car (with no weapons of any kind). This did not stop capitol police from shooting and killing her, of course, followed by widespread applause and celebration across D.C. and the entire mainstream media. Continue reading