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EneNews – Footage Shows Minute-Long Quake Shaking Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Includes Broadcasts From CTV, NHK, AOL, RT – Fukushima Official: “It Was Fairly Big, And Rattled Quite A Bit” (VIDEOS) – 26 October 2013

enenewslogoSatoshi Mizuno, an official with the Fukushima prefectural government’s disaster management department: “It was fairly big, and rattled quite a bit”

Latest Video:

See also: AP: 7.3-magnitude quake rocks Japan — Fukushima tsunami warning triggered — Tepco orders workers near coast to move to higher ground

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AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Agree On Industry Code To Combat Piracy, Counterfeiting – 16 July 2013

Summary: The four major advertising giants have signed voluntary codes to help combat online nasties and to improve the integrity of online e-commerce

AOL, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are among a handful of major advertising companies that have signed a voluntary code of practice that aims to address piracy and counterfeiting. Continue reading