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Frank Bajak And Daniel Woolls – AP – Bolivia’s President Nationalizes Electrical Grid – 1 May 2012

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — President Evo Morales announced Tuesday that his government is completing the nationalization of Bolivia’s electricity sector by seizing control of its main power grid from a Spanish-owned company.

Morales took advantage of the symbolism of May Day, the international day of the worker, to order troops to occupy installations of the company, a subsidiary of Red Electrica Corporacion SA.

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Harry Dunphy – World Bank President Leaving – 16 February 2012

By HARRY DUNPHY, Associated Press

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In short Robert Zoellick World Bank President said 15th February 2012 he would be stepping down. There is of course a power struggle going on who will get in charge now. You can read about it via the links.