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Visionkeeper – Appreciation – 15 March 2013

landscape-art-river-waterfall-bears-Favim.com-481595(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I have often wondered how on earth we are ever going to return to the wild now that we have decimated just about all of the wild places on the planet. When I look at pictures of cities and wild places side by side, I weep inside knowing the beauty that has been destroyed all in the name of progress and growth. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Appreciation – 12 January 2013

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I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about where we are going and how we get there. I am sure many of you who have been here a while know how I like to figure out core issues to problems. We can look at something and see an overall problem and think on it forever or we can spend time dissecting it and looking for the core issue and eradicate that. This comes I suppose because I do EFT and in EFT if you can find the core issue to tap on, all your other issues will fall away after the core issue is resolved. This is how I look at life and it certainly helps to get to the heart of any matter more quickly. I have always thought awareness was a key issue for us to keep in mind and be aware of, but I also think appreciation is one as well, especially our appreciation of choice! Our whole life is one massive choice but how deeply do we honor and appreciate the fact we have choice? Continue reading