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Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – April Is Playing Your Song! – 7 April 2014

judithThis is Judith, sort of… since the celestial team is braiding with me. They’ve been encouraging this integration of their celestial frequencies with my humanly embodied ones ever since we experimented with it in our last video,  ”2014– The Year of Integration.” Of course, this makes perfect sense, since through their perspective, there is no separation between them and me– nor is there between you and your ultradimensional aspects. Continue reading


Judith Dagley – April Is Playing Your Song! – 6 April 2014

judithAs the cosmic beat of 2014 goes on, I’m recognizing that it is actually     setting the rhythm of our expansion! Each month is a movement in an unfolding symphony, and each is necessary in preparing us for the next. And I’m being strongly impulsed to share that perception with you because it will serve to keep the value of what each month presents in conscious focus as a necessary, sequential, foundation to build on. No event will be random. All that occurs, even the tiniest detail, will be in perfect “right timing” for activating and progressing the symphony of your own personal expansion. Continue reading