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Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 14 February 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as loyalty. This quality shines through each soul as they interact with others in their daily lives. In these interactions, this quality is evident as individuals show their willingness to help those around them, to be present and on task in their workplaces, and in their desire to show friendship to others. This quality is much appreciated by other individuals who rely on this facet of love in their communications and belief in the individual who manifests this quality in their words and deeds. With this quality, life long friendships are formed and maintained and each individual knows that here is a person that can always be relied upon to be available at any time. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 6 February 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called manifestation. This quality involves the application of several other qualities of love, namely trust, determination, diligence, discipline and faith. In its application, this quality of love requires a set intention (either consciously or subconsciously) that what one strongly desires to become a reality in one’s life will come into one’s reality in order that one may experience the outcome as envisioned. This is a facet of love that is now coming into its own and is in its beginning stages of application. This quality requires inner power and drive to accomplish successfully. It requires focus and singleness of purpose as an individual practices creation of that which is desired to be experienced in their lives. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 23 January 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as healing. This quality brings in energy to affect a feeling of release and ease within the human body, mind and soul. On all levels, this quality is infused with unconditional love and brings balance and renewal to the individual who is open to this experience. As in all things upon the planet, one must be willing to receive this energy as it comes, and many times, the individual to whom healing is directed is unable to fully receive and assimilate what is given due to pre-conditioned programming from their childhood and, many times, from their previous lifetimes upon this school called Earth. We are now entering a new phase wherein there is a new dispensation allowing the overriding of pre-existing programming so that each individual who seeks wellness and wholeness may receive such in their physical reality and experience. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 12 January 2014

marlene1-1January 9, 2014

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as discipline. This quality requires a steadfast focus on the accomplishment of a goal or completion of a project and the inner sense of responsibility to see it through to the end. This quality is self directed and there is no one else who can employ this quality for another. As each person goes about their day, this quality of discipline is quietly used and the only way it is seen by others is in the end result of accomplishment and the success of a task well done or a goal well met. There is nothing in this or any other plane of existence that can come into being without this quality at work within each being. The true measure of a person is seen and recognized by the amount of this quality that is evidenced by the works that they do. It is a true love of self and of others to manifest this quality, for in so doing one can continually reinforce the feeling of self esteem and confidence that comes with success in a task that has been completed. Continue reading

Suzanne Spooner – Archangel Gabriel – Your Loving, Good Vibrations – 2 September 2012

September 1st, 2012


[Hello Gabriel!] Hello Suzy! [Your energy feels quite swirly & excited today.] It is indeed. Rest assure that all is on track with the shift. Our hearts join together with the hearts of humanity in this preparation of love and light.

However one can bring peace into their heart, practice this often and with the knowing you are the Source. In a message for a client, she was told she was a teacher of light and that it wasn’t so much what she taught, it was that she taught. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Update – 10 August 2012


I want to point out to your the Harmonic Convergence Teleconferences in Mt. Shasta at 16 and 17 August and give you the message Shanta Gabriel wrote beneath.  If you want to know more about awakening I had my new e-book out called : The Great Awakening.  You can read it and download it at this link adres:  The Great Awakening by Bill Ballard e-book.

Love, Bill Ballard Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 31 May 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love known as support. This quality is one that is an enabling, encouraging one. When one person is in need in their life, another that cares for them utilizes this quality in whatever way seems best to give courage, inspiration, hope and forbearance to the one in need. This quality is one that is manifested often from the Angelic realms as they respond to your calls for assistance. It is a way to help lighten the load of another to uplift their spirit to a happier mood. Continue reading

Shelley Young – Archangel Gabriel – Individuated Aspects Of The Flow And The Importance Of Self Love – 28 May 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. We honour you for making the commitment to come and have this experience during your free time and we also honour you for being in your highest service to be here to help anchor the energies of the group. And when we say group, of course we mean not only those who are in the room experiencing the transmission in real time but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time. Continue reading

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Message From God & Gabriel – The Importance Of ‘Powering Down’ And A Deeper Understanding (For Me) Of The Photon Belt Alignment – 22 May 2012

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy & welcome back! [Thank you, it has been a longer break from TAUK than I thought I would have. It feels great to connect again!] We know that you have imagined this time away as a time for introspection. As you tended to your child and understood your role as a mom, you gave permission to your High Self to privately upgrade your HS’s love & joy. This upgrade was a re-boot necessary for the shift. You needed to ‘power-down’ to accomplish this and this is why you felt disconnected energetically while in Florida. [I thought I felt that due to the stress of getting a child through a medical situation.] That was part of the journey but you also needed the time to re-boot. It all is in perfect order. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 18 May 2012

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love known as commitment. This quality is one that requires a dedication to a person, activity or a cause. It brings out a desire to share One’s energy with others in a benevolent and caring way. It elicits feelings of good fellowship, friendship and camaraderie and all parties benefit from this. It is saying that One is willing to take responsibility for ensuring and enabling the desire to maintain these feelings for the greater good of all. This desire is shared by all parties who also take responsibility to maintain positive relations in a loving interaction one with the other. Continue reading