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Méline Lafont – Archangel Metatron – Equinox, Gatekeepers, Lightworkers And Wayshowers – 20 September 2013

MélineLafontBeloved hearts, it truly is my pleasure to connect once again with you in this Now moment. Another fantastic opportunity is lingering just around the corner in your current reality which can bring you bit by bit to a higher consciousness and a more refined energy because the upcoming equinox implies the possibility of merging with the Christ Consciousness and also grants the activation of the higher frequencies on your world into your reality.

As always it is a delight for me to share the specifics of those processes that your embodiments and your organisms undergo as it is utterly important to be aware that this time around it is not just an insignificantly small activation but rather, it is distinctly clear that this equinox will cause the most grandiose changes in your inner world and so much more. Continue reading