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Steve Beckow – Grener Waits, Returns, And Explains To Neptune Voyagers – 21 May 2012

Grener, the President of the Intergalactic Council, has apparently been waiting for emotions to clear and feelings to die down around the postponed Neptune expedition before returning to discuss it with us.

Geoff West responded to Grener’s request of Linda Dillon to appear by interviewing him for today’s An Hour with an Angel.  (New time: 5:00 PDT.)


What he had to say was quite pleasing to me to hear and very helpful. Let me summarize part of that interview. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Eclipse Passage May 20 And Message from Archangel Michael – 17 May 2012


(Lucas: This is only the message from Archangel Michael I have posted!)

I asked Archangel Michael about the energy of this opening and alignment and he shared with me this:

This eclipse will ripen aspects of your being that are longing for expression since the March Equinox.  There will be a tendency to feel strongly that you must express yourself and it’s possible to encounter resistance or others who are also likewise feeling this way–and yet being out of sync with one another and all these changes move into a new arrangement of relationships and community. Continue reading

Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – Victory Embodied : Claim Your Life As Light – 16 May 2012

Beloved Beings of Light,

You are approaching the entry to the pivotal alignments of 2012.

The Venus Transit in June is the key to balancing the inner energies of humanity and will initiate vast transformation in planetary life.

I am well aware of the difficulty you are experiencing lately as the energies intensify and the feeling of wanting to express yourself authentically is met by the sluggishness of an evolving physical body.  As you transition to living foods in larger proportion in your diet, you will discover a balance that suits you and your aliveness now, and be able to energize yourself appropriately in harmony with the incoming energies.

Living foods have a natural affinity for high-vibration light and so as you find that balance within your nutritional intake, meditation, breathing and clean water and rest, you will begin to hum with greater ease.  There will still potentially be days when you simply need more rest.  Realize this as a sign that deeper cellular renovations are underway and allow yourself the time you need to be still and sleep so your body might devote full resources to new alignments and ways of being. Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Geoffrey West – Linda Dillon- An Hour With An Angel – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio -15 May 2012

This week Archangel Michael will return with Linda Dillon and Geoffrey West to discuss the Transition and current events, including the G8 Summit.An Hour with an Angel airs Monday night, at 6:00 p.m. Pacific and 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Archangel Michael – Your Ascension Angel – 14 May 2012

With the deepest of love I extend my energy to you now, I am Archangel Michael and I come forward with an important message that will assist and aid your Ascension process, allowing for certain preparations to take place.

You have a community of guides who walk with you as you exist on the Earth, remaining continuously connected to your energy and consciousness. Within your community of guides you have a number of Angelic beings guiding and supporting you. Each Angelic being holds qualities from the Creator’s soul which they wish and have been guided to share with you, so that you may adopt and activate from within you the same energy. It is often a wonderful process to understand the quality that each Angel connected to you in this lifetime holds, as it offers you a focus to your spiritual growth. Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Archangel Michael and Yeshua – Be One With Your Higher Self – 13 May 2012

Archangel Michael and Yeshua:

We bring you great tidings from the Spiritual Realm as we watch over you with deep pride and love. Nothing can take away the great progress and development you have accomplished. The light quotient is at an all-time high and we salute you.

Be prepared for massive shifts and changes, as we have been telling you. We would like to speak to you about your heart, which has been undergoing many changes. Massive downloads of energy have caused the hearts of many of you to open up in ways that you may not be totally aware of, dear ones. You may have noticed that you have lost interest in many things, and new interests are popping up. You may feel reluctance at letting go of old relationships and careers and old ways of doing things, because you identified deeply with it. You may feel like it is a betrayal and so you feel bad about letting go of people and things.  Continue reading

Ronna Herman – Archangel Michael – Accessing Your Personal Source Of Creator Light – Message For May – 27 April 2012

Beloved masters, it is a worthwhile endeavor and often a great adventure to visit the ancient Sacred Sites around the world; however, the most powerful source of the White Fire Essence of Creator Light is within your own Sacred Heart chamber. As you move beyond the distortions of the third- / fourth-dimensional reality into the higher planes of consciousness, your human auric field will once again begin to blaze forth with radiant, purifying Light. Many of you are well on your way to achieving the radiance of an en-LIGHTEN-ed Self-master. When Sacred Love is present, all is in harmony. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Archangel Michael – 2012 Network Of Consciousness – 23 April 2012

With angelic love I come forward to connect with your energies, uniting the Creator aspect within us as one source of light. I am Archangel Michael; I come forward to you with a sacred message about the unity between your land and the Archangels at this special time of transformation upon the Earth. I wish for you to know that the Angelic Kingdom are supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity whole heartedly and that we are ready to truly be of service to you, lending our energy to create such tremendous change on the Earth. The energy of the Angels and Archangel is deeply appropriate to support the Earth as the vibration needed upon the Earth and within each being is a selfless love, which we can assist in activating. In order for the Earth’s ascension a greater volume of love is needed on the Earth but this love must flow from the hearts and souls of humanity. It is now time for you to take responsibility of your own ascension and that of the Earth and its civilisation. In truth the energy and expression of love is the only way to activate and achieve further ascension, this is why we, the Angels, known for our loving vibration are stepping forward to be of greater service. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – People Being Prepared For The Beginning Of Nesara? – 2 April 2012

(Edited some things in Steve’s article as the videos lack information about when they we’re posted and by whom. Also the first video gave a lot of fuzz. I am personal now convinced they ment well and are genuine. But others are also genuine in their efforts. We could better strive for unity in all than in polarising things. But in every sense let us strive for the same:  the better for all mankind in freedom and peace without been controlled or enslaved in what way ever by debt or as real slaves in work situation or  otherwise. We strive for a new golden age of peace equality and abundance for all as for our earth without pollution, war, hunger, etc. Love and Light,  Lucas) Now the article follows:

One after another the videos and radio interviews are coming out, apparently preparing the public for NESARA. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Archangel Michael – What Is Collective Comparison? – 1 April 2012

Many of us are aware of the increasing frequency of love on the planet as light energies are sent our way from other regions of space and other dimensions. As our planet is bathed in these energies, new potentialities open up for us and new knowledge is born. I’d like to talk about one of those new potentialities – collective compassion.

We’re aware of some of the milestones in the growth of collective consciousness on our planet. In the late nineteenth century, sociologist Emile Durckheim crystallized the notion for us. Continue reading