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Suzanne Lie – Arcturian Conversations – A Call For Assistance – 16 September 2013

SuzanneLie(I have not written anything for a while, so I decided to share this conversation I had with the Arcturians. We are all having “different issue,” but I think we can all agree that these times are challenging. We have little physical evidence of what we have heard inside, but know that we have gone too far to turn back. Hence, we must find a way to continue our journey by reaching inside to find the needed comfort and direction to continue.)
Dear Arcturians, I am not feeling very centered the last couple of days. There have been weird situations around work, and I have been feeling like I have had to deal with issues that were over years ago. Then, I also wonder I do not directly remember what is happening with me at night. Why can I only remember being on the Ship through my writing? My wounded child wants to know if I am not good enough to go to the ship. Now I am really digging around in my subconscious. Can you please help me? Continue reading