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Suzanne Lie – My Meditation – Vision – Experience – 18 June 2012

My meditation today was quite unexpected. I am learning to contain the energy, so I do not shake and move my body so much. I find that when I contain this energy, is brings me much deeper into my experience. My meditations have changed recently in that they are more awake than before. What I mean by that is that often I am in a state of meditation while I am doing some creative endeavor. I am leading many meditations now, so I am experiencing many group-energy experiences. I also go into a meditative state when I write, do art, garden or just relax for a moment. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Mytria/ Mytre – The Sacred Rock – 25 May 2012

I appeared to awake, only to see my physical form hunched against a huge rock, clutching a few possessions. As I looked at my physical self I could see how her inner conflict had robbed her of her beauty and made her body overly thin and pale. In fact, I could see how she was very sick and in great need of healing. However, it was not her body that was ill, it was her mind. I went over to her sleeping form and touched her head. Instantly, the look on her face relaxed and her breathing became long and rhythmic. Now, it was safe for me to leave her. Continue reading

Earth Changes: Ascension, Arcturians & the Multidimensional Being with Dr. S. Lie

Suzanne Lie: Ascension, Arcturians. by Steve Beckow via http://www.stevebeckow.com original post 24th October 2011

Nancy Detweiler sends along a video of Dr. Evita Ochel interviewing Dr. Suzanne Lie (Suzan Carroll] on “Earth Changes: Ascension, Arcturians & the Multidimensional Being.” If you’ve ever wanted to listen to Suzanne, here’s a good chance. Nancy says “this is one of the best videos I have seen describing for the average person what ascension is as it relates to our planet, all others, and our individual selves.” 50 mins.

I’m afraid I myself may not get to listen to it very soon, but I don’t want to hold it back from you.