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The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Are We Really Here? – 3 April 2012

Some keep asking “why, if we’re really here… we don’t simply show up and save the world… why, if we are who we claim we are do we allow such things to happen, why, we don’t simply save the world…” Because Humanity’s permission is needed. And untill the magic numer is reached, until HUmanity will accept what happened and face it and stand up for its own freedom… noone can help more than this. We’re close, so much close… just a blink away… and so many have done an amazing job, and so many started doing it, and so many will start doing it Now… for it’s like a wave… it gets bigger and bigger the more everyone understands that it’s the Only Way… share. Share Love. Share Truth. As ONE=ALL=GOD. You are the front line for Love Everywhere Present. You are not looking for prizes… you’re here for Love. Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report – Are We Really Here? – 1 April 2012

Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report… ARE WE REALLY HERE?  03-31-12

Today many of our crafts were occupied cleaning the athmosphere from chemtrails, so maybe this it one of the reasons why sightings have not been as much as usual, however, I guess the first video will raise some questions and, from some sources, the most amazing answers!

Enjoy your ride! Love’s Here! Continue reading