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Dana Mrkich – Are You Waiting For The Life Of your Dreams? – 7 January 2013

DanaMrkichSomeone asked me recently how long I had to wait for “the life of my dreams”.  This question made me think about the topic of waiting, particularly in relation to ‘the life of our dreams’. How many people are waiting for not only one thing, but many things to happen, before they feel they can be truly happy and consider themselves living the life of their dreams?

For myself, the journey toward feeling a sense of real inner happiness and outer fulfilment has been a long one and one that is ever continuing and evolving. At the risk of using a spiritual cliché, it is very much one that most definitely started on the inside before I could manifest certain things on the outside.  One thing I know for sure is that the external aspects of my life that mirror what my inner dreams were for many years, aren’t a simple product of time passing by and patiently waiting.  Constant inner and outer movement forward rather than waiting, was key to allowing myself to receive some of the most important things that were ever present on my constant ‘What I want my life to look like’ annual lists including a soulmate relationship and making a living doing work that was in alignment with my life purpose. Continue reading