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Arend Lammertink – Liberation Of The Rest Of The Wold After The Example Of The US And The Old Dutch Batavian Republic – 19 June 2012

(Lucas : I have done some research myself to find starting points for a constitution or case to make for my own Country The Netherlands. I see the Dutch Batavian Republic as a probable beginning.  Funny I had been talking about the constitutions and judicial and law site also with Geoffrey West a little while ago. He had ideas on producing a show on this.  I applaud Arend Lammertink for his  good info and extensive research. This article of Arend got published first  on Kauilapele’s website.)

Kauilapele : Received this last night from Arend, in the Netherlands. I felt it was to go out this morning. As I do not have a photo of him, I attach a photo from my current location.

Some of you will “get” the message here, and will know what to do with it. To me it gives a path to a vision we are all carrying, which is “Peace and Freedom for this planet… NOW.” Continue reading