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Ascending Starseed – Has The FBI Launched A War Of Entrapment Against The Occupy Movement? – 26 May 2012

Note: When you read the story below and analyze it from a broader perspective the ruling elite is fighting back in a way that’s becoming virtually impossible to win from a third dimensional perspective because they have us locked in virtually unable to move.  It’s time to fight from Light perspective, which I’ve written more about in here the editorial about this very important story. Continue reading

Ascending Starseed – Reports: Iran Just A Few Months Away From Announcing Plasma Physics Energy, Mike Harris And Gordon Duff “Global Intelligence Operative” – 12 April 2012

(Lucas: This article  and audio gives a very interesting perspective on things!)

Must listen to this recent show on Republic Broadcasting with host Mike Harris and his guest, “Global Intelligence Operative” and editor of Veteran’s Today, Gordon Duff. Continue reading