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Greg Giles- 11.11.11 ASCENSION UPDATE FROM THE PLEIADIANS – 11 November 2011

 On this beautiful morning of 11/11/11, my guides have come through and communicated to me that indeed there are those that would be ascending into a higher dimension through the opening of the 11/11/11 portal. It is also my understanding (though my guides did not address this particular issue), that this portal will remain open for a period of time and will not close at the end of this day. My guides also showed me that there are two separate groups; one group comprised of those that will be ascending into a higher dimensional existence, either through the 11/11/11 portal or at a later time, and another group that will remain in the lower dimensions to further their education in duality even after our host planet Gaia ascends with the rest of her children into her rightful place as a gem of the higher dimensions in 2012. Continue reading