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Kerrie (Zoolithe) – Ashtar Talks To A 3 Years Old! – 20 May 2012

I received this email from a member so I am popping it here,I have been contacted before by Ashtar and he seems to be contacting a few of us lately.

So you know how my grandkids are with intuition, etc and this whole 2012 issue? I will be posting about this on federation blog tomorrow but tonight I am too tired, but wanted to ask you about this. my youngest grand daughter told me today, that she’s been seeing ships in the sky, that they followed her home from the cottage. that they are watching over her, and her sister. She said : they are aliens, that the one is named Ashtar, and he or she told her, that they are going to show them rainbows in the sky, and fireworks and sparklers, and that soon it will get very dark out, for days, and we have to go to the cottage, and that it will be in the winter. Continue reading


Graham Dewyea – Linda Dillon, Geoffrey West, Steve Beckow – An Hour With An Angel – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – Ashtar – 24 April 2012

Linda Dillon channels Ashtar who will discuss who he is, his role with the Galactic Federation, the current state of Disclosure and First Contact, the removal of the Cabal, flyovers of ships, his fleet, and preparation and plans for planetary Ascension. Interviewed by Steve Beckow. Produced by Geoffrey West.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light

Listen live Monday at 9pm EST by calling in or by clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show.



Link to radioshow Our With An Angel 23 April 2012 with Ashtar

Lucas – Ashtar – Disclosure, “Soon” Explained And The Heart As Your Thinking Centre – 1 December 2011

(Lucas) Hello Ashtar. I  thank you for connecting  to me again. First  could you give us some information on the recent developments in disclosure and first contact.

Beloved friends I am Ashtar and glad to speak to you all. I will answer the questions of Lucas and also address something  we have been talking about earlier in private to be relevant to you all.

I am here to tell you in short things are advancing quicker than anticipated. We nearing our goals. The news will come out soon. Then you will be informed about what we have been doing and what has been kept from you.  We will not announce a specific date for disclosure nor our arrival but you will know instantly when things happen.

The word “Soon”is what you (Lucas) spoke of earlier with me. It has become a loaded word. I will elaborate a bit on this.  Continue reading

Lucas – Ashtar – We Are Near Manifesting The Intended Lightworld On Earth – 13 November 2011

Hello my  beloved dear friends,  I am Ashtar with a message for you all on the past 11.11.11 date and what we can expect the coming months.

Let me first tell you that we have been seeing the glorious energies transforming Earth and all of you with her. Our hearts were filled with  joy and happiness about this taking place.

We are near manifesting the intended Lightworld on Earth.


Continue reading

Lucas – Ashtar – Unseen Progress. But it is made. – 6 November 2011

Beloved friends I am Ashtar giving this message to you all. Progress is made but maybe it  is unseen by you.  But it is made. We see so much lovely things on Earth happening now.  And also we feel the doubt and feeling of being not heard  as we are with you above.

The great disappointment in the answer to  the disclosure petition was dearly felt by us Lucas. For that  question from those who despair and feeling left alone  it is with love and understanding of those earthly feelings that we say:   See the living lights you are becoming.  See the great light that trough You already  is contributing towards  the changes needed. So from our space command ship we salute you. As you must know what great beings you are to  have come so far out of the darkness into the light. Your first steps being transforming again in those wonderful lightbeings that you are, are we and all other spacefamilies, lightbeings, angels, masters of light and our GOD Creator waiting for. Continue reading

Ashtar: Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

Ashtar Keep your Eyes on the Skies and join Hearts with the Children

By FatherMotherGod via The Galactic Free Press.