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Cobra – Portal 2012 – The Veil – 19 June 2012

The Veil

Time has come for me to release more intel about the Archons as we are entering the period when the destiny of this planet is being decided and people need to be informed so better choices can be made.
About 26,000 years ago, Archons declared this planet to be their property and all beings living on it their hostages and slaves. They have declared this planet to be a quarantine and every space vehicle entering or exiting this planet needed a special permit from the Archons. This is the reason for “non-interference” we hear so much about. The human race was being held hostage by the Archons for all those millennia, and after being held in a closed loop system of reincarnating to the same place over and over again, amnesia and lethargy crept in. The time of amnesia is almost over. After June 21st  this year, the rescue operations coordinated by positive ET races will increase in intensity. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes – 3D Earth Timelines And The Help We Have Been Giving (Re-Post) – 15 June 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Dearest souls of one of the infinite realities that make up your Earth sphere, we are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral planes. We watch over you all and your world at all times, convening with Gaia’s High Councils and making sure that your ascension finds itself to you, and you find your way to your ascension. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 14 January 2012

I am Horus, and I am here today to tell you of a development in the activities of the Inner and Hollow Earth beings. We are going toward a discovery that has been made in the industries of earth that is incorporating the indefinable elements with those that have already been defined as organic and helpful to your system. Those that are being defined, as I speak, are the ones that will be incorporated into the ecosystem that is in place. Together with the elements that have been defined and seen as being helpful to the climate they will be undergoing a melding in purpose that will bring together the powers of intent and potential to bring about a huge wave of cleansing in the energies of the earth’s atmosphere.

As I bring you this news, I also see many instances in which there are breakthroughs that are already bringing changes about in the minds of those who are investigating this. There have been many sightings of UfOs in the skies and when these particular people on earth see them, they are given many suggestions that materialize in their systems of intellect as reminders of that which they already know. This enables them to bring this to their consciousness and work with that knowledge to bring forth the formulas and intricacies that are springing forth in their laboratories. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Integrating The Higher Realms By Shedding Dense Living Patterns – 17 December 2011

Under all of the densities and difficulties we experience in this realm, we exist in a transparent state where we can feel ourselves as weightless and infinite energy. Our true, pure state of being, as conscious and intelligent waves of the very Logos energy, in less distorted forms, as the Logos that make up every single atom of our reality. When we are able to take some silent time and truly feel these higher energies that are swirling all around us, we will recognize them as integrating into our temples and upgrading our current dense and heavy bodies into the crystalline form of advanced Logos energy. Even further in our growth we will go past the need for a body at all; some of us may choose to keep a body throughout many densities, and some may choose to shed their body in 5D and exist as pure energy, rather than inhabiting the crystalline 5D form. Continue reading