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Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For Week 7th January – 8 January 2014

Uploaded  on 7 January 2014 by Tom Lescher As the pelican flies high into the sky, Then dives for food in the sea,
I need to remember that the Great Mother, Is always providing for me.
We’re all diving down into the underworld of our unfelt feelings these next couple weeks. Let it up and let it out and don’t make it too real. This period can best be described as “weird” so don’t get too “weirded out”! I suggest it is all about “enlarging your space”….. we all need to give ourselves a bit more room to move, feel, react, and release….. take some time to yourself, for yourself and let others have their space, too…. Self knowledge sometimes costs but is well worth the price in the end. Injoy…… music by Jeff Oster http://music.jeffoster.com/