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Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For Week Of March 4th – 5 March 2014

Uploaded on 4 March 2014 by Tom Lescher Death as my constant companion,Like grief is here to remind
That beneath the surface of everyday life, My soul’s purpose I must find, in time. Both grief and death bring us into our emotional bodies where we FEEL the difference between our highest goals and aspirations for ourselves and our life and where we actually, truly are. Sometimes the chasm between the ideal and the real can be devastating. We are in tense times now and are being pushed to BE and DO (masculine and feminine working together) ALL that we can BE and DO…. or else face some rather dire consequences (personally, in our relationships, socially, economically and more). While these stressful times can hit us hard we can and will also make the greatest strides, the biggest breakthroughs and evolutionary leaps into a new paradigm where the truth of love is realized! Injoy the process…. it’s all there is. Music by Jeff Oster (jeffoster.com) and photo by Angela (angeladelaagua.tumblr.com)