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Jon Waldrup – Did Someone Call For A Flood? – 12 June 2012

At 10:13 PM Pacific Time today, June 11th, Alpha Omega stations retrograde in the 10th degree of Pisces. Of the 15 astrological energies I use regularly, this brings the current number of retrogrades to 6. These are Venus, Juno, Saturn, Alpha Omega, Neptune and Pluto.
Retrograde energies are more about the experience than perspective on the meaning of the experience. There is a sort of intensification of experience and a weakening of the perspective. Perspective will come as we integrate the experience into our understanding. Continue reading


Renford Blogtalkradio – Cosmic Contacts With Pam And World Astrologer Mahala – 24 May 2012

link to Renford radioshow 21 May 2012    From recorded 21 May radioshow.

Live with Mahala…an extraordinary World Astrologer will be sharing upcoming Major Planetary Events for the rest of the year 2012.

Her interviews are extremely knowledgeble and interesting she will deffinately enlighten you with all her predictions and they are always right on.

Mahala Gayle – Spring Equinox 2012 – 13 March 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! We are fast approaching the Spring Equinox. This has always been considered the Astrological New Year. I think this is when the New Year should start because it is spring, at least in the northern hemisphere. This is when the Earth starts to wake up from a long sleep and the trees start to bloom and flowers start getting ready to put on their show of beauty. Spring is a beautiful time of year.

The Spring Equinox sets the stage for months to come. It starts with the sign Aries which rules new beginnings. Because Uranus and Mercury are both in Aries, along with the Sun. We will be experiencing many storms with snow, rain, winds, or lightening. At least during the time period when Uranus and Mercury are traveling together, which lasts for about a month or so. Continue reading

Spacemuffin – The Winds Of March – 4 March 2012

Readiness is everything and the winds of change are starting to blow.  For all the waiting we’ve done, only those who have prepared the ground will be available to the troubled world once the media is infiltrated.  Do you have your speeches prepared?  Do you know what you are going to say?  Do you even know where to begin?  How do you feel about public speaking?  Are you connected to your community, and do those who know you, trust you?  We should at least have some vague idea of where to begin, and what to say in some public arena .  It’s great to be awake and aware, but we also need to be prepared.  It’s not far off now.  Let’s turn a magnifying glass to March, April, and May of 2012.  Two I Ching oracles were drawn for guidance for this article.  Some of this may be repetitive, but it’s better to be overly prepared than unready. Continue reading

Spacemuffin – When “Bad” Things Happen To “Good” People – 23 January 2012

There isn’t a single event, or earthly occurrence, experienced by humankind, that wasn’t previously ‘agreed’ to. I would like to talk about our ‘contracts,’ or as I like to refer to them as, ‘bad deals made in the spirit world.’ The most difficult concept I struggled with, and other Astrologers struggle with as well, is understanding how freewill fits into the ‘contract,’ and how Astrology works in deciphering these deals, made out of body, and out of time. People have so often asked me, if they have free will, and can ‘change’ their future by their own actions, how can anyone predict anything? Well, it’s simple…………….sort of…….. 🙂 First of all, we have to grasp the concept of the contract itself, and not just understand it, but BELIEVE it to be the absolute truth, minus freewill of course, which we are given to ‘respond’ to the events which we agreed to experience. Continue reading