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Reblog – Astranout Edgar Mitchell Tells Local NBC Affiliate Aliens Are Here – 22 February 2012

BZ Riger: I post this interview today because of the interest and excitement that accompanies the link as it is passed around various social media outlets. The interview is being spread by people who don’t normally talk about UFO’s or other mind stretching subjects but there is genuine interest as they share this video friends and family . (see article and video below)

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Tells Local NBC Affiliate Aliens are Here Continue reading



Ex-Astronaut Story Musgrave: ETs Exist, They’re Just Not Visiting Earth

Ex Astronaut Musgraves story, ETs exist Just not visiting Earth via Huffington post.com

BUZZ ALDRIN about UFO Sightings


Buzz Aldrin Talks with Jim Clash about UFO sightings