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Bella Capozzi – Athena : “Yes You Are Human Angels” – 2 November 2012

* I’m sure that we are all in agreement that, energetically speaking, this has been a really turbulent and highly charged week – Hurricane Sandy being at the forefront.   Add to that the full moon, with it’s inpouring of powerful new light-codes and activations, and for many (myself included) it hasn’t left us with a lot of time to stop and catch our breath.  As for me, I’ve had family here from New England, stranded due to flight cancellations.  Also, at the same time, I ended up having minor surgery and have been in recovery mode from that at the same time.  All is well now, and I just enjoyed my first long meditation in over a week.  (Eek!  I’ll never go that long again!)  As a result, my blog posts have been somewhat intermittent.  I’m so happy to finally be back online and sharing with all of you.  Here’s a sweet message from our beloved Athena, which came in during today’s vortex meditation.  Love and blessings… Bella.  Continue reading