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Robert Stanley – The Unicus Radio Hour Blogtalkradio – 8 June 2012

Special Guest: Michael

Tired of the same old news? Ready for something unique? The Unicus Radio Hour offers a special blend of ideas and insightful information from around the globe and beyond. Hosted by world-renowned author and researcher Robert M. Stanley, this show features informative guests and inquisitive callers. To help keep this show on the air, please donate to The Unicus Foundation. Thank you.

Direct link to The Unicus Radio Hour of 7 June 2012


Drake’s Update – Full Show Recording – 7 June 2012

I have found a link on where the full show is recorded and to hear.
The information needed is to your discernment.
Drake wants to go for, as wanted in the negotiations taking place, a peaceful transfer but there has to be voting on things to get clear what people want.
Listen to the show in full and then you can go to the proper website of Drake who has been moved as you know. So not put your comments in here.
The link to the radio show is at this website article below:

Drake’s Update – 7 June 2012

The show  posted on the Global Voices Radio spreaker.com network just have been recording 7+ minutes at the end of the show (http://www.spreaker.com/user/4664624) . So the show of last night 6th June 2012 are not available in full. The Truthfinder network website (http://truthfindersnetwork.com) has also not the radioshow online.  They hopefully got the whole recording as it was recorded simultaneous broadcasted here.  But for now I can not give you the info. Keep your eyes open if you see a link to the full show and inform me.

Disc shaped craft is spotted circling near Stansted – Hertfordshire (audio)

uk-14387365  reported on BBC’s Radio 5 Live

via BBC News UK