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Sophia Love – August 14th Update – Part 1 – 14 August 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

As this is a long one, it is separated into more than one post.

Good Day Everyone!

Due to the fact that “I.S. or Islamic State” had risen and because they are making huge atrocities in Iraq and Syria, I need to explain why are they doing those evil deeds, and this is something what Everyone here should know. This knowledge is well known, yet many ignore it and don’t give much necessary attention which it obviously needs. This knowledge is called “ideology”. It is the most necessary component of Evolution of a Civilization, without which “civilization don’t know in which way to go”. This knowledge guides every Civilization in the Cosmo toward their many destinies which they are choosing. The knowledge about ideology/ideologies and how to manage and maintain them is well hidden, yet in the same time it is lying right there in plain sight before Everyone’s eyes. Continue reading