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The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Like you, We are Teachers and Students” (9-9-11)

The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Like you, We are Teachers and Students” (9-9-11). Aquarius Channelings

-Channeled by Wes Annac-

As collective and individual aspects of one enormously powerful and infinite ascended being, you all currently find yourselves in a false reality that makes little sense to any. Compared to what you have always known but have as of late forgotten, the current existence you find yourselves in has trapped you for the most part into a certain method of thinking, of Living and BEing. These veils of illusion have been placed before your field of perspective for some time now and only at this present thread of now are you beginning to transced these veils and barriers and realize them for their true illusory nature. Transcending this hollow yet very real-seeming existence has been the main theme for Earth’s planetary, collective ascension. It is a theme that is most important for the many on Earth, as only few other planets have to work through as thick a veil of illusion as you do. Earth is quite a difficult planet to be incarnate on as we have reminded you many times, and we do not exaggerate when we refer to you as the true heroes and noble souls you are.

Through emerging science on your world that has finally begun to delve past the physical, many on your world have begun to understand the fundamental nature of Life and how dimensions and time threads are set up and how they can be interpreted from your current point of view. We highly recommend you bring metaphysical sciences into your feild of interest, as many fundamental truths about the nature of reality are now being brought to Light through these sciences. Having full knowledge of the heavenly realities you are just beginning to perceive will help you dearly in these times, and we would like to offer a bit of knowledge on this subject here in this communication.

Every soul, even the souls who find themselves grounded the most in darkness at this point in time, originate from the One Source, the One Mother/Father God. Our wonderful Creator wished to embark on a grand experiment in which we wished to know and understand ourselves fully (we being the individual aspects of the One Infinite Creator, that which our Creator wished to know and perceive fully.) With this conscious decision came the bringing of many realities and structures of reality into being. (Note: I believe they are referring to the ‘Big Bang’ here) Progressively our Creator began to create extensions of  His/Herself, and those extensions went on to create more extensions. This basic understanding of how the current realities came into being is beginning to be brought to Light in many of the emerging sciences spoken of above. Everything originates from Source, and everything, every echleon of Creation is funneled out from Source through the Divine distortions* of Love and Light, this Love and Light creates and mantains all of the realities which are actually extensions of the One Mother/Father Creator.

An immediate extension of our beloved Creator may, for example, choose to further create an extension of themselves by creating whole universes and threads of reality, these conscious universes seek to create extensions of themselves called central suns. These suns create extensions of themselves (while using the creative force of Love/Light) by creating planets. These planets create extensions of themselves as creatures, be they human or animal or the infinite amount of species and beings you have yet to perceive. And so you see dear souls, it goes on and on forever as the ripples of the original Source continue to create what you would term ‘lower dimensional’ extensions of themselves. The same way Creation is rippled out from the Source, all Creation eventually returns back to the Source, to our dear Mother/Father God. You are taking a big step in coming back to Source, to true Oneness with your earthly ascension. So on you will ascend, on you will grow and learn until eventually individuality ceases to be, and you return to your perfect state of Oneness, existing in Harmony with all of Creation. This change from individuality to Oneness will not happen until you are completely ready for it to, and there are many of us whom still retain our individuality at our current state of awarenesss while also Living in Harmony with the rest of Creation.

We are teachers of Humanity, but like you we are also students. While many of you on Earth take the role of both student and teacher, teaching others just beginning to awaken while coming to us for your guidance, we too play the same roles on our levels of understanding. We teach you and many other lower civilizations who are ready to enjoy the state of awareness we enjoy, and we also grow and learn from our even further ascened guides. All are One, and we share much through the way of experience with many of you on Earth.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. At present we see a very big window of opportunity to announce many startling things to your world, and like always we wish to tell you of these developments without going too far into the details for many reasons. One important reason is that we wish not to create uneeded anticipation, which can lead to disappointment if the manifestation is not yet reached. We have strong feelings for the immediate future, and what we can say at this time is that we are quite hopeful for many events to manifest. The Divine manifestations of Freedom, Sovereignty and Truth for all will be the result of an infinite amount of effort from us, your many ascended masters and guides, the various spiritual heiarchies and most importantly you. Dear Lightworkers, Wanderers and Walk-Ins, this ascension could not have gone as smoothly as it is and already has without your wonderful efforts. Many manifestations and affirmations from the ever-growing number of ascending souls on Earth has increased the possibility of immediate manifestations of Truth and Freedom for all.

We can say that there have recently been many happenings on Earth that you all have ‘taken the wheel’ so to speak and healed on your own with little need for intervention from us. A good example of this would be the recent hurricane Irene. Irene was intended as an off-shore hurricane, far out in the sea that would clear much negativity from dear Gaia’s surface. This hurricane can be compared to hurricane katrina in those respects. Like many events that are intended to be simple clearing, your dark ones took notice of this storm and made efforts to redirect it to the east coast. Suffice to say the ‘hurricane’ did not end up as strong as many anticipated though it did cause considerable damage. The original intent of the storm which was the mass clearing of negative karma, still came about quite effectively with little damage compared to what your dark ones wanted. Many think that it was only our efforts with our advanced technology that brought about the weakening of Irene, we say to you that this is only half correct.

In reality, it was all of your’ manifestations and affirmations of Love to the strom that brought the damage to a minimal. You are yet unaware of just how many souls were praying for Love and Light to be sent to the storm with the intent of weakening it’s effects, and the weakening of Irene has been one of the first clear and publicly noticeable case of ascended miracles being performed collectively on your world!! Dear souls your actions in dealing with Irene were very advanced, and the effect you had on this storm cannot go unnoticed. This represents your collective return to your Eden paradise on Earth, and as a collective you will continue to manifest more and more miracles.

We were present in weakening the storm, but only because YOU ALL manifested us through your collective powers. Many have clairvoyantly asked us to show them our starships, to find very soon that they are seeing our ships in the sky. That too is manifestation power at work. In a quite similar way, your prayers and affirmations for Irene manifested a Golden Divine flow of pure healing Love that we were then sent to direct to the appropriate areas of the hurricane, therefore weakening it. So therefore, you all manifested us by giving us the appropriate Love and Light to weaken the impact of Irene. Applaud yourselves!!!

I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council congratulate you for your conscious return to your personal heavens. Your travel in these lands will manifest on your physical plane as the unlimited freedom you experience whilst on those planes. Your astral levels of reality are to fit in to your ultimate perspective, and if events pave the way for it to be so you will be seeing us and our ships on your ground quite soon.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council, the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa.

*(Taken from the Law of One section of David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos)  ” Distortion = anything that may erroneously be seen as a separate or individual unit, (since all is One,) including all philosophical ideas, teachings and concepts related to the Oneness as well as such things as the nature of light in the different densities … since there is only One Light that has “distorted ” itself into an Octave.


Fleets and Airport Shutdowns, Aug. 2011

Fleets and Airport Shutdowns, Aug. 2011. Via SteveBeckow.com

if the video not open double click to open in new window. If they black out it can be the online connection with the post or youtube posting is gone.  Update: Steve Beckow has removed two of the films in his post 2 september after discussing the possibility it were planes. The last option, planes, was the most likely.


London Riots August 2011 (The BBC will never replay this. Send it out)

In this video a negro black man wants to tell about the riots and that he has been seeing things coming. At the end the BBC news reporter accused him without reason of being part of riots.  That is what news is for. Not telling the truth and hushing up those who tell it even with means of wrongful accusation.

UFO Flies Over Moon Zoomed In Reveals Stunning Lights

UFO sighting over the beach & over the moon, red colors seemingly changes shape…

Uploaded on YouTube 9th August 2011.