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Caryn Talty, B.S.Ed., M.A. – Non GMO Food Companies With Printable List Of Brands – 31 May 2013

https://i1.wp.com/www.undergroundhealth.com/wp-content/themes/theme1269/images/temp/logo.pngNeed a list of non GMO companies? We’ve put together one and include tips on where you can go to buy non GMO products. In many cases these non GMO companies sell products in your local box store. Some of these products are naturally gluten free, and some are not.

1. Amy’s Organics:

Amy’s sells both gluten free and products that contain gluten. You can find Amy’s frozen entrees and canned goods at places like Jewel Foods, Dominicks, Walmart, Peapod, and Whole Foods. This is a widely distributed brand of vegetarian foods. There are no meat, eggs, fish, or poultry are in any of their products. They do use dairy, however. Continue reading