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John Ward – LIBOR : How Both The BBA And The BIS Publicly Misled The World About The Rate-Fixing Scam – 3 July 2012

Angela Knight, Terry Smith, the BBC and the Guardian: why should we listen to any of them?

London is suddenly awash with people keen to give you their view on the LIBOR scandal, how it was always a truck out of control, how they always knew it was a cesspit, and how appalling it all is isn’t it? Large numbers of them are senior politicians (hypocrisy of the year frontrunner this one), some of them are media types who write on pink pages but didn’t bother until now to share with us their disgust…and some of them are those pundits pounced upon by the ignorant at the BBC and the Guardian once the news is in that strange distillery of information, the Public Domain. Continue reading