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John Ward – Economies, Markets & Commodities: Upside Down, Back To Front And Every Which Way Up – 4 November 2014

JohnWAs the EU slashes the eurozone growth forecast (but seems convinced Ireland can buck the trend) we see the price of oil falling further still, and Japanese QE driving markets higher, while the gold price continues to fall.

Everything is an illusion, nothing is real, and everything is connected.

Commoditiies like oil and gold shouldn’t plunge at the same time.

When the world is having every growth forecast slashed, markets should not be going higher and gold should not be falling in price.

Oil prices are falling at the rate they are to stuff Moscow, and reduce ISIS income.

Gold prices are being destroyed to discourage the flight of investment from stock markets and banks.

It’s a mug’s game if you do, and a mug’s game if you don’t.

Time to invest in Russian bonds?

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