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Visionkeeper – Balance – 28 June 2013

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It seems obvious to me that things in the world have suddenly turned even more aggressive and hostile. The war machine has switched into a higher gear, their blood lust has been ramped up and their need to silence has once again become blatantly obvious. Three free energy inventors were suddenly killed recently, the brilliant journalist from Rolling Stone was killed in a supposed car accident which is now being torn apart and the truth slowly revealed and you can bet your money if they could get their hands on Snowden he would be gone as well. This ugly violence must stop. It is time we, as the keepers of the light, start a revolution of kindness that embraces the world. We must balance out the injustice with kindness, we have all seen enough brutality to last many life times and it is time to infuse life with kindness and love to level the playing field here! Continue reading

Veronica – Balance – 12 June 2013

Often in the linear a feeling of unrest can arise where one feels they are walking a narrow tight rope.

It takes an incredible amount of focus in the physical to walk a tight rope. The body must know its core center to maintain the balance to get from one safe platform to another.

Likewise, spiritual balance requires focus and determination to move from one experience to another. Having a relationship with your core inner self also adds to the success of the endeavor. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Balance – 14 May 2012

Life is difficult for many people these days. We are having to learn our lessons quickly and often harshly and the energies from the solar flares are maximizing these lessons as well. For many our balance is being compromised and we find ourselves often questioning ourselves and sometimes laying blame at our own feet. It is easy to get swept up in the angst of it all and forgetting to stay in our hearts and remain positive. Stumbling and falling down from time to time is okay as long as we are able to catch ourselves in the act of self-doubt and redirect our thoughts to pull ourselves up and out of the mire. Being the devoted observer of our actions is how we learn to correct ourselves back onto the correct path towards the light. Continue reading