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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Spanish Banking Audits Delayed Until September; Another €50 Billion Likely Needed – 20 June 2012

Via Google Translate from La Vanguardia, please note that Spanish banking audits are delayed until September

Audits of Spanish banks, which should conclude in late July, will be delayed until September in order to get “further examination”, as reported by Efe sources close to the process. Continue reading


Golem XIV – The Eurofiscal Corruption Contest – The Spanish Entry – 14 June 2012

Let me make it clear straight away – the lies, corruption, cowardice and greed of Spanish bankers and government officials is nothing special. What is happening in Spain now, reminds me of Northern Rock in the UK, Hypo in Germany and  CountryWide in the US. So please do not think that I dislike Spain or of the ordinary people of Spain. The people I detest in Spain are the same people I detest in Britain and every country: The Cabal of corrupt Bankers and Political parasites. Continue reading