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John Ward – What Connects Paedophilia, TEPCO, Bankers, Osborne, Gove, Yeo And Johnson? – 17 January 2014

bigvnvbyellowA building story of bullying

While Plod and the legal system were busy crushing a butterfly DJ clown on the wheel over the last few days, a gent called Gordon Anglesea – a former police inspector closely involved with Sea Scouts, boys clubs and Welsh care homes – was at last arrested and charged with multiple paedophiliac abuse of boys aged between 8 and 14. Continue reading

John Ward – Bankers, Secretive Societies, Pan-European Maniancs : In Grasping At Everything, They Grasp Nothing – 1 August 2013

necrosNecrophilia on Wall Street, egomania at the BIS, false history from the EC

Miss America and Wall St….still on the job

From the Wall Street Journal:

Two major Wall Street firms are in detailed discussions to create and sell the world’s first bond backed by home-rental payments, people familiar with the matter say. Investors still are hungry for the high returns that are likely to accompany a first-of-its-kind deal, which would be viewed as more risky than well-known securities. The top-rated slice could receive a rating as high as single-A or triple-B from some of the credit-rating firms, some of the people familiar with the deal add. The structure of the deal would be similar to better-known securities, such as those backed by home or commercial mortgages. Continue reading

Kerry Casidy – Intel Behind the Scenes on the Bankers – 15 November 2011

via Kerry Casidy’s blog http://projectcamelotproductions.com/blog-hp.html

According to a source, contractors and builders in Connecticut are reporting that banking families are vacating their houses. Suddenly and without explanation, whole families are leaving the state. Where they are going isn’t known. This is one of the more chilling “signs” I’ve heard that something major is coming down with respect to the banks in the near future.

Additionally, a source who made a recent trip to Switzerland and met with a secret Swiss banker has revealed the hidden story behind how Swiss Bankers are choosing to deal the squeeze from the Americans (and presumably New World Order contingent) to reveal who their clients are… This crackdown on Americans with off-shore bank accounts also extends to those in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE (United Arab Emirates), think Dubai.

Some bankers have folded and joined the ranks of the SEC turning over records and details against the long cherished code of secrecy (client privilege) that has made the Swiss banking industry so successful and respected worldwide. Others have not.

Without going into any detail, suffice to say that some bankers are risking their lives and reputations and livelihood to continue to safeguard their client’s money. One can’t help but to admire this tenacity. And what comes to mind is the era of the Nazis where the streets of cities like Zurich and Bern are no longer safe havens for those seeking to conduct business. Especially if it involves banking. Now the business is conducted behind closed doors in out of the way places and hidden vaults. Switzerland, hasn’t stood alone for quite some time politically, choosing to align itself with various factions over the past few years. But the stronghold of banking has maintained a sort of island of secrecy even beyond the fluctuations in the winds of politics. Until now.

As Swiss bankers endeavor to maintain their integrity they say that the moving tide of this relentless new world order machine will eventually reach them and their clients. It’s only a matter of time.

After S&P Downgrade, Chicagoans Take to Streets, Demand Arrest of Bankers

Immediately following the announcement of the S&P downgrade, defiant Chicagoans took the the streets and demanded the arrest of the Bankers and an the end of the Federal Reserve system. This was never covered on any news outlet.

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